interactive hands-on exhibitions

Together with the association easyscience, we develop interactive hands-on exhibitions, so-called easylabs, an interactive easyscience lab, which is used by schools and kindergartens & other institutions. 

The aim is: To inspire young people for science, technology and research Independent and playful experimentation Understand technical, economic and scientific contexts and phenomena Children get to know the science, technology and innovation and their practical application in a playful way. 

The easylab is made up of parts of interactive exhibits developed and produced by us in the context of EU projects, thus providing a tool for educators to convey scientific content. The easylab can also be used as part of funding projects, especially in the context of H2020 projects. On the one hand we are involved as a project partner for dissemination and communication, on the other hand we offer these exhibition services as a subcontractor. In both cases, interactive interactive hands-on exhibitions are designed specifically for your project content and then travel across Europe. 

Hosts for these exhibitions (easylabs) are mainly science centers, children's and family museums. Currently available easylabs are "Mission Possible: Wood - Sustainable and Valuable", SPICES & HERBS: Spices and Herbs, and Animal Nutrition & Health (for pigs and poultry). More information about the exhibitions at the following websites: