"We support people and companies to rethink their plans and projects, to compose, to create and to lead them to success."

by Andreas Moser & Wolfram Allinger-Csollich


"Think today about tomorrow."

The process of bringing innovative ideas from inception to implementation is very complex. A system for the realization of innovations is required. The joint planning and implementation of research and development through to product development requires professional moderation, conception, financing and a common understanding for the implementation of the project. The ability to meet market needs and expectations is a prerequisite for achieving a successful product or service.


"Bringing people into contact, developing new synergies and enabling long-term cooperation is a major challenge". 

There can be no innovation without cooperation and no teams without culture. Creative spaces are needed for working together and developing possibilities. The initiation and support of creative processes enables the actors to concentrate on the essentials and to contribute their own strengths.


"Inspiration is not something you wait for. It's something you work for". 

With our tools and approaches, we inspire you to put your plans into action and turn them into new products and services. Think "outside the box" to optimize your business and work effectively in a team. Inspiring people, overcoming resistance and realizing goals together are mai drivers.

reliable partner

rtd services has already implemented over 100 plans and projects together with our customers. In more than 300 workshops and consultations, concrete projects were developed and inspiring strategies developed. 

In the last 20 years, rtd services has acquired more than 50 million euros in funding to finance these projects for customers, mainly from the European funding programs (FP6, FP7, H2020, Horizon Europe, INTERREG), the national programs of the KPC, the FFG and AWS as well as the regional programs of Tyrol and Vienna. rtd services was the most successful small and medium-sized company in Austria when participating in EU FP7 projects.

We look forward to your ideas, plans and projects.