individually aligned services for your project success

funding analysis, funding consulting, EU (H2020, SME Instrument, industry-related, INTERREG) funding, national (FFG, AWS, KPC) funding, innovation coaching, business models, training, moderation, project management, communication, marketing

consulting und coaching

We support as consultants, coaches or project managers (coordinator) in time and take over formal, administrative tasks, communication with project partners, development and writing of funding projects & grant applications or business plans, as well as the submission in time. We also act as project partners in H2020 EU projects for management, dissemination, innovation and exploitation. As Coach we support and advise you within your product development processes up to an innovation in your company as well as relevant digitisation projects and measures.

being creative and learning

We offer training seminars to learn about the systematic development of projects in European, national and regional funding programmes, in innovation management, -systems and -culture, in design thinking, in ideas generation, brainstorming, product development and applying of modern management tools. We use and offer our innovation room in Tirol, Austria, to apply a creative process. Seminars for example are workshop series in "business case analysis, evaluation, development" or in "EU funding projects in the fiel of innovation, research and development"

network and disseminate

We manage company platforms for several value- and supply chains, like in the field of wooden products design and design compositions (baumstark) and in the field of developing, financing and design of doctor´s offices (diepraxismacher). In addition, we manage the FOODSEG network that integrates experts along the whole agri-feed-food-consumer value chain, and initiates EU projects. We use innovative communication tools for the dissemination of technology, science and research content. Interactive exhibitions are one such tools that we use. These are availalbe to be used in running or planned EU H2020 projects for the dissemination part.