recipe tour for a smart product

Innovations do not happen at the desk. It takes distance from the daily work routine. Ideas and innovations as well as their developers long for a species-appropriate environment. The company premises, seminar hotels or alpine hut are not enough for a comprehensive innovation development. Too hectic, too much distraction, too little specific and too weak equipment. 

Our idea is a change of location of a special kind. Beinno creates scope for the emergence of innovations, value-based, unique and user-focused. Stress and everyday life remain outside. Effective development needs full attention. Employees with creative potential are promoted to the highest degree and can contribute purposefully. They switch in a reasonable amount between workplace and travel. 

beeinno is a joint initiative of Herbert Lanzinger KG and rtd services OG. 

beeinno works for companies and people who seek uniqueness and want to resonate with their customers. In doing so, beeinno clarifies the special needs of customers and potential users, and translates these into concrete questions on the basis of which product and service development can take place, and reconciles these with the individual company values. 

In doing so, beeinno uses an individually tuned innovation recipe tour, whose ingredients are mixed according to requirements or in the sense of the requirements and put together for a meaningful tour. 

"The WeQ is more than the sum of its IQs".

Every recipe tour is only as good as its users! WeQ is essentially the essence of beeinno and stands for working in multidisciplinary, talent-based and intrinsically motivated teams.